Come closer and listen a moment.

It’s quiet here.  Simmering with potent creativity.

Is home the place you go to recharge and process?

Are you curious, creative and conscientious in your work?

Do you delight in authentic and sincere connections with people?

Me, too.  These are a few of the ways we ‘quiet’ types thrive and feel our deepest sense of well-being.

And right here is where I look forward to connecting with and serving you — with coaching, planning, and writing — at the gentle Pace of Nature.

Come in, come in!

Coaching-seagull w-text-v2

Mostly, it’s about …

  • holding a space for you in which you can center and perceive your True Self.


  • listening into the wordless part of our conversation as we connect, one spirit in human form to another.

This is Coaching at the Pace of Nature.  Learn more


Planning-Shoreline w-text

Mostly, planning is about receiving encouragement to listen to your own inner guidance, then following it step by step in Organic Timing and Divine Order.

This is Planning at the Pace of Nature.  Learn more


Writing-Tree w-text

Mostly it’s about tapping into the source of your words and letting them flow. It’s about connecting with Divine Inspiration and getting out of the way.

This is Writing at the Pace of Nature.  Learn more