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What Are My Services?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners come to me for help with the design and development of their marketing materials, services, and products so they can connect effectively with their ideal audiences.

This includes, but is not limited to, creating marketing materials, self-study courses, e-books, event flyers, bio sheets, web site copy, slide presentations, facilitator guides, workshops, webinars, and teleclasses.

Using the principles of effective information design and a mixed-media artist’s eye, my goal — as your Communications Guide and Message Mentor — is to connect you with your audience so they can hear, comprehend, and use what you have to offer.  And come back to you for more.

Who Are My Clients?

Whatever the gift that you’re offering the world, if it comes from your heart and you need help creating informational or marketing materials — Just You Imagine is here to help.

How Is My Work Different?

I am ambitious for you.  I want you to know happiness and satisfaction in your work and through the products and services you provide.  As your guide and collaborator, I help ensure that the essence of who you are is integrated into your product and service offerings.  You will find yourself loving what you’re offering and so will your clients.


For more information, see the Process page.

What is the Value to You?

  • You save time by having someone else design and produce materials for marketing, events, and products while you focus on developing your business, customer service, and doing what you do best.
  • You save money by having an experienced colleague provide professional and efficient services as well as letting you know if additional expertise needs to be brought into the project.
  • You reduce stress when you can cross items off your task list because you have a supportive guide helping you plan strategically for your business and encouraging you in being your best self.


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