About Conscious Dance

Dancing is one of the oldest forms of worship in almost every culture.

I came to the world of conscious dance (unstructured movement, usually with music, and for a specific intention) through my initial priestess training, where we called upon the archetype of the dancing priestess to guide us through the mysteries. Being an introvert, I was not much of a dancer.  I had moments of insight about how it felt to surrender to the music and allow my body to move how it wanted to move.  Most of the time, I was too much up in my head and self-conscious to slip into that place of release.

The more I used dance to connect with Spirit, to move and shift my energy, the more realizations I had about the power of sacred dance.  Whether my body simply swayed to the music or spun or leaped with the music, I began to FEEL the dance working in my body, in a wordless way.  These brief experiences of tapping into a whole new world of revelatory movement, drew me to participate in a certification training to become a conscious dance facilitator. Will wonders never cease (aka, just you imagine)!

I use conscious dance activities in my workshops and as part of my own spiritual practice.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

-Martha Graham

Certified Conscious Dance Natural Rhythms