Gaiafield Project

The Gaiafield Project links like-minded individuals and organizations for collective healing and social change.  They host collaborative public subtle activism events and programs.  The Project team develops “subtle activism” practices, theories, and programs and they work with others to co-create local, national, and global networks of subtle activists to support a shift to a planetary culture of peace.”  Like a clearinghouse of sorts, the Gaiafield Project lets you know about related events sponsored by partner organizations.  Some are 1-time events, others are extended.

“Subtle activism involves harnessing the power of consciousness-based practices like meditation and prayer to support collective transformation, as in a globally synchronized meditation for peace. We believe that in our turbulent times there is a deep need for fostering greater coherence in the energetic fields that underlie communities at every scale.”

The Peace Ambassador Training

This is a 16-session online certification program created by James O’Dea and facilitated by Philip Hellmich & Emily Hine.

In it you will discover leading-edge practices and tools to cultivate peace and healing in your heart, family, community and our world.  The training includes 21 of the world’s leading visionary peace-builders. Over 900 people have taken this training and are now Peace Ambassadors around the world. “If you long to be a true peacebuilder during this pivotal time in history – but know you could be more effective if you had the right skills, practices and community support,” check out The Peace Ambassador Training.

Tools for Peace

“Founded in 2000, Tools for Peace (TFP) is a 501(c)(3) organization that “inspires people of all ages to develop kindness and compassion in everyday life.”  TFP is dedicated to strengthening and supporting emotional and social intelligence as well as academic and professional success.  They have an in-school/after school curriculum called ‘Stop, Breathe & Think’ that is “a step-by-step mindfulness, meditation, and compassion-in-action curriculum that guides students through a variety of mindfulness activities, personal reflection and group help teens and adults.”  If you are a teacher or work with kids/teens, you can partner with Tools for Peace to bring this to your community.  There’s an online version of ‘Stop, Breathe & Think’ you can use from your desktop or phone to do a mindfulness check-in with yourself at anytime.


“Nobel Peace Laureates mentoring youth to change the world.”  Woooo-hooooo!  That’s a celebration!

PeaceJam is the global leader in developing young leaders and engaging adults and youth in their local and global communities.” It has been nominated 8 times for the Nobel Peace prize. The changes they are making in the world will astound you. You can join their One Billion Acts of Peace Campaign, start your own PeaceJam group, or become a PeaceJam teacher (to name a few ways to participate).

World Domination Summit

When I first learned that a blogger I much admired had just come back from something called the World Domination Summit, I was repulsed and intrigued.  Domination?  Really?  Leaping onto the web site I was soon laughing with amazement and admiration as I read about this newly hatched (5th Summit, July, 2015) gathering of people who are living the three core values of the Summit:  community, adventure, and service.  The list of speakers and the onstage/offstage events sound thoroughly thought-provoking, enlightening, and fun.  While this event with crowds and noise and long hours would not be my cup of tea, I celebrate that it takes place and births stimulating new ideas, projects, and visions for the future of our planet.

Totally Unique Thoughts (T. U. T.)

This web site, online home of adventurer, author, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, husband and dad Mike Dooley, is also host to a community of half-a-million fans who believe that “thoughts become things” (a.k.a. T.U.T.). I’ll let you read Mike’s story in his own words, but he is one amazing guy. Not because of his accomplishments or or how visible he has become, but because of what he offers the world. And that is the chance to learn and know that imagination “is the gift that can bring love, health, abundance, and happiness into our lives.”

One of his best offerings (in my humble opinion) is his mini-messages of love, reminders, and humor called Notes from the Universe.  I’ve been a subscriber since 2003.  Anyone I’ve told about them has thanked me profusely. Although I have a lot of the Notes in book form and only save “the really good ones,” that inbox has about 1,500 saved messages. I LOVE the Universe’s notes!

Mike also offers the Infinite Possibilities Train the Trainer (division of TUT’s Adventurers Club) that hosts conferences to train and certify “Infinite Possibilities Trainers.”  At these live conferences (worldwide locations), you are encouraged and taught how to reach those in our society who have not yet been reached with the truth of their own innate ability to shape their lives and live their dreams through understanding and working with their thoughts, words, attitudes, beliefs, and actions.”  Trainers may also use their training and accreditation in their own businesses, such as coaching, facilitating, teaching, authoring, or professional speaking.  Be sure and read the powerful story from Mike on how this training got its start.

Mary Oliver

I love poetry and loved studying it throughout my schooling.  The first summer I spent away from home visiting a relative in another country, I took a pen name.  That gave me a sense of anonymity that perhaps my introvert soul needed to set free its poetic expression.  For many years now, Mary Oliver’s poetry has been manna for my nature-hungry spirit.  Her writing is a legacy of fierce love and respect for Nature in all its aspects.  That this body of work exists for future generations is, to me, heartening news.  Give yourself the gift of a slow visit with Mary Oliver (note that I said slow, not necessarily long) so you can savor at least one full poem to nurture your spirit.