I like to start our time together with a brief centering meditation.  It guides us in gathering our energy so we can be fully present during our time together.  We open our hearts, soften our minds, and welcome whatever you need to make itself known.

You set the agenda for your session, with emphasis on inner work, outer application, or a blend of both.  We can dig deep, think wide, listen with curiosity, and honor what shows up.

What typically happens?  Ideas begin to click as we nurture your imagination and validate your intuition.  You have space to entertain new ideas.  Perspective expands.  Ideas gain clarity.  Peace shows up.

There is a power in speaking what’s in your head and heart aloud and having another soul hear it.  And you get to hear it with your own ears.  Clients often find that when their ideas are reflected back to them in our coaching sessions, there is more there than they first perceived.

How to Coach with Me

One time, half-hour “get acquainted” call is free.

Any, single fifty-five minute session is $75.00 (pre-paid via check or PayPal)

Package of three 55-minute sessions, pre-paid in full, qualifies for a 20% discount, a $225.00 value for $180.00.

Planning *

Everyone has their own style of planning and every project has its own level of necessary planning.  Are you planning a live event, online event, new product or service or other business-related project?  I can help with the level of support that works best for you.

You may want planning support that takes the form of:

  • customized, step-by-step instructions to guide you through design/development/production

  • a recorded brain-storming session to infuse you with inspiration

  • guidance on making sure your signature ‘essence’ is integrated into your offerings

  • referrals to specific services or specialists (I work with some great ones)

  • short check in calls for accountability with encouragement and acknowledgement

Writing *

I love words. Love reading. Love the dictionary and the thesaurus. Love discerning a writer’s voice, cadence, patterns, themes. But what do I love most about words? Their ability to absorb and carry the energetic imprint of their source. This gives them life and vibrancy or a dull flatness. Making sure your writing carries your energy so that it attracts and speaks to your tribe is an essential part of our writing collaboration.

The writing process is a very personal one. What is the writing task before you?  Perhaps an enticing new biography for your web site, a slide presentation, or an e-book. What kind of support do you need for this task?

You may want writing support that takes the form of:

  • sending your notes/outline to me so I can assess what you have/what’s missing

  • recorded interviews with prepared questions to document the content

  • a recorded brain-storming session to get or keep you going

  • referrals to professional editorial services

  • short check in calls with lots of encouragement sprinkled in

 * Planning and writing are part of my background as a professional instructional designer.


How to Plan or Write with Me

One time, half-hour “get acquainted” call is free to discuss your project need.

Hourly rate is $65.00 (pre-paid via check or PayPal).

To set up a day & time for our “get acquainted” call, please use the contact form. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

 Note: Large writing projects extending over more than three months are taken on a limited basis per year.