About the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Deck

The deck has 90 cards, 18 for each element – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. One side has a word or phrase that is the message of the card with an image of the particular element in the background. All the cards have the same image on the opposite side. The elements can help you align your personal desires with the unified field of awareness where the co-creative energy of Spirit moves through you and across the threshold into the world of form. Each element has something to teach you through your reading.


Image of Deck


To Schedule and Pay for Your Reading

Click here to fill out a contact form.  In the message box, send some days/times that you prefer and let me know what time zone you are in (I am in the eastern time zone, U.S.A.).  I’ll e-mail you back within 24 hours.  Notice what comes up between the time we schedule a day/time and our actual session.  This may give you insights as to what to focus on when we do your Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Card reading!

There are two types of readings available:

  • 30-minute reading – typically one 1-card and one 3-card reading  for $35.00
  • 60-minute reading – typically one 1-card, one 3-card, and one 5-card reading for $65.00

When our appointment is scheduled, I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal.  You can send your payment to Just You Imagine via PayPal or a check to Jana Jopson via U. S. Postal Service (address on the invoice).


Before Your Reading

To prepare for your session, ask yourself in what area of life you would like guidance or harmony. This might be relationships, health, business, parenting, your spiritual journey or your creative pursuits. Select something you feel stuck about or are unsure about regarding next steps. The inquiry takes the form of asking the elements what you need to know or do or make space for to align more fully with the wisdom you seek.


During Your Reading

We open with a brief centering meditation to connect with the elements. If you would like a recording of the session, I can record it and send you the audio file via DropBox (if you’re not familiar with this service, it helps in sharing large files and is easy to use; I’ll explain). If we’re on Skype, we can use the camera to give you a view of the cards so you can participate in their selection. If we’re on the phone, I’ll be your surrogate card picker — not to worry, the Elements will speak directly to YOU. If we’re in person, you participate in selecting the cards. The cards are guidance. The elements don’t tell you what to do, nor do they divine the future. Their purpose is to help you align with the forces of co-creation to find harmony with the Universe. During the reading, the message of each card can be interpreted many ways. Your own intuition is your best guide. I may bring some coaching into our session if and where it feels appropriate.


After Your Reading

If we make a recording, please remember that while it is almost always clear, things happen that are unexpected. For this reason, I encourage you to take some notes during the reading. I keep notes only of what cards you’ve drawn for the one or two card spreads we do during the reading. After the session, I send you a PDF with those images. You may want to print these out and place them were you will see them regularly for a while, put them on your altar, surrender them to Mother Earth in your garden … it’s up to you. If you have questions come up after the reading or would like to share insights that arise after our session, you may e-mail me and I will respond.


Appreciate, enjoy, be kind,




Note: I am certified as an Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Reader through Natural Rhythms, Inc. under the ownership of Lisa Michaels.