Trust Tending – Art to Nourish Trust with Kristin Noelle

Kristin on trust:  “It’s learning to unclench our fists from around a certain version of life or health we wish for ourselves or our dear ones; from around the way we’re sure things ought to be; from around the stories we keep telling from the past or present…and finding a deeper, more enlivening source of strength to face the road ahead.”

I don’t remember how I discovered Kristin’s gentle images and truth-telling quotations that she uses in her blog, greeting cards, and art prints (on Etsy).  My heart felt like it was being rocked in her arms with tenderness and deep compassion.  She’s on a journey and she’s sharing it with daring and humor and exquisite sensitivity.


The Introvert Entrepreneur with Beth Beulow, ACC Coach, Speaker, Author, Introvert Empowerment Specialist

Beth is on a mission to “empower introverts to understand, own and leverage their natural strengths.”  She interviews fascinating entrepreneurs and authors on a wide range of topics relating to being an introvert in an extrovert-oriented culture.  Best of all, she has a blogroll with links to other introvert information/support sites and a listing of introverts in the news that is up to date and will have you clapping your hands with glee at seeing us in the press (LOL).  Beth is also the author of “Insight: Reflections on the Gifts of Being an Introvert,” a series of short essays that receives great reviews from readers.  Read about her newest book and more on her introvert-friendly web site.  I think you’ll find her to be an ace in your pocket.